At ALMAG we specialize in collaborating with our Customers to develop unique solutions for complex problems.

Explore some examples of our unique solutions and their applications.

Floating Staircase

In order to develop a functional and structurally sound yet attractive extruded aluminum floating staircase at ALMAG Aluminum Inc. in Brampton, ALMAG engineers collaborated with George Popovski in Toronto to develop a design that took into account aesthetics, but also applied extrusion process considerations.

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Far Field Telecom Radio Concealment Pole

Developing a functional and attractive extruded radio concealment pole was a collaborative effort between Chad Schwartz and his team from Far Field Telecom and ALMAG Aluminum’s technical sales team. The multi-component design took into account both aesthetics and functionality, while pushing the limits of ALMAG’s newly commissioned 8” extrusion press.

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The Wrightspeed Route™ Electric Motor Housing

Light-weighting of vehicles is a major focus of many auto industries especially with Electric Vehicles. The lighter EVs weigh, the more efficient the propulsion and therefore better use of battery life. Developing an EV motor housing that is lightweight, highly engineered, and easy to fabricate and assemble while providing ideal heat dissipation was a collaborative project between Wrightspeed and ALMAG Aluminum.

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