Lighting Systems

Lighting creates the environment. Whether task, ambient or accent lighting, it is an experience to enter a space well defined by light.

Reflectors, housings and heatsinks are all key components for the lighting industry. Better surface finish is critical to ensure precise reflectivity. Profile precision is essential for the correct angles and lens refraction.

Aluminum extrusions are multipurpose to allow your lighting application to better shine. Smarter engineering and design allows for almost any radii and parabolic shape possible to provide just the right reflection for your design. Aluminum alloy selection is important to maximize reflectivity. 6463 may be the alloy for choice for reflectors, where 6063 is a good choice for most housings.

Gap tolerances are critical in order to hold lenses in place. Smarter designed features such as pivot points and snap fits allow for easier accessibility for installation. Screw ports for attaching end caps can be incorporated directly in the aluminum extrusion design to eliminate the need for redundant fittings.

Understanding the final assembly goes a long way in the prevention of problems downstream. When developing a design with multiple components, aluminum extrusion design is flexible and the profile can be created based on existing mechanisms, lenses, etc. Aluminum extrusion 3D prototypes may be just the thing for checking form, fit and function for mating parts. For more information visit our page on Aluminum Extrusion 3D Prototyping.

ALMAG provides faster more flexible solutions and designs. ALMAG has adaptable solutions for your lighting projects that come from many years of experience within the lighting industry. ALMAG understands the aesthetic importance as well as the need to meet your deadlines for delivery.

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