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The City of Toronto came to ALMAG with a new street sign requirement. Their initial design consisted of 16 unique aluminum extrusions fastened with nuts, bolts and bands. Displaying community names on the sign was an important requirement of the design.

The versatility of aluminum extrusions when partnered with ALMAG engineering experience and skilled production team allows many design features to be incorporated into a better profile, enhancing the functional and aesthetic elements of the project.

Working closely with the Customer and fully understanding their needs resulted in a smarter, more efficient, modified design. This better design reduced the number of components and provided for a more efficient and less costly installation process. The smarter design was five aluminum extrusions, down from the original 16. The fewer aluminum extrusions resulted in reduced tooling costs, reduced fabrication, finishing and installation costs and allowed for a faster turn around and delivery time.

The large aluminum extrusion provides a surface for the street name, larger and clearer than previous signs. It also includes slots and screw ports to facilitate for easy assembly. The top fin simply slides into the top slot of the large aluminum extrusion and displays community logos or names. The bottom fin provides specific street information, as required. The channel section is used to fasten the sign to the pole. Assembly takes minutes. A powder coat finish in blue and with the fins in white allow for easy, clear name application. It is weatherproof, tamper proof and looks great!

The revised, award winning aluminum extrusion design made simple work of manufacturing with a more efficient installation process, saving time and money over the life cycle of the sign.

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