At ALMAG, we deliver best in class solutions to numerous industries and sectors including, automotive, medical and healthcare, lighting systems, office systems and furniture, store fixtures and signage, solar and more.

PPAP, IMDS and traceability are essential components of producing aluminum extrusion products for the automotive industry. From the get-go, being smarter and using better procedures is necessary for success.

Aluminum extrusion is ideal for the medical and healthcare industry. The properties of aluminum make it a material of choice. Non-sparking and non-magnetic are just two properites of aluminum that suit the industry well.

Lighting creates environment. Whether task, ambient or accent lighting, it is an experience to enter a space well defined by light. Reflectors, housings and heatsinks are all key components for the lighting industry.

Innovation and adaptation are key components for office systems and furniture. New information is constantly made available with respect to ergonomics and engineering, and competition is fierce.

The City of Toronto came to ALMAG with a new street sign requirement. Their initial design consisted of 16 unique aluminum extrusions fastened with nuts, bolts and bands.

Companies in the solar systems industry appreciate the added value of having ALMAG Aluminum supply and manage a proven process for a project from start to finish thus eliminating the worry.

Often the material of choice for engineers and designers, aluminum extrusion is a cost effective option compared with other processes for net and near-net profile production.