Often the material of choice for engineers and designers, aluminum extrusion is a cost effective option compared with other processes for net and near-net profile production. Details such as screw ports and snap-fit features can be built into the profile, reducing secondary fabrication and saving time and money for assembly and installation.

In the construction industry, we often think of aluminum extrusions for windows and door frames, but brackets, supports, railings and newel posts are all components that could be aluminum extrusions – custom solutions to your material challenges.

When fabrication and/or higher precision is required, parts can be cut, drilled and/or CNC machined long with many other post-extrusion processes. Aluminum extrusions can be finished in a range of methods such as anodizing or powder coating, among others.

Design assistance from our sales and engineering teams can ensure your needs are met for your specific aluminum extrusion design application. Involve us early in the design stage to maximize your aluminum extrusion investment and make your vision a reality.

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