Office Systems
and Furniture

Innovation and adaptation are key components for office systems and furniture. New information is constantly made available with respect to ergonomics and engineering, and competition is fierce. Getting your fresh ideas to market ahead of your rivals and ready for shows like Neocon or ICFF is critical.

New challenges facing the office systems industry require flexibility. Aluminum extrusions are the ideal conduit for flexible design. Posts, connectors, panel supports and locking mechanisms are all possible through ALMAG Aluminum smartly designed aluminum extrusions. Incorporating design elements such as snap fit covers and easy access panels and rails make for better installation and faster updates. Secondary fabrication such as pre-drilled holes or cut to length parts, are a smarter alternative and can further simplify the process.

Aesthetically appealing, aluminum extrusions look great and can be finished in any number of ways. For example, components can be anodized while others painted creating a unique look.

Deadlines can come quickly when preparing for industry shows. You want to present the best design and often have tweaks and adjustments as you near showtime. Working with the ALMAG Aluminum sales and engineering teams early in the aluminum extrusion design process will help to alleviate last minute headaches. Even the best made plans can go awry and our smarter processes and better lead times can help get your project completed and delivered faster.

Collaborating is smarter. It gets better results, faster. Working with your design expertise in tandem with ALMAG’s aluminum extrusion experience and know-how, will lend itself to the¬†creation and manufacture of great looking office furniture.

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