ET Design Competition

Students are the future of design.  Supporting them and recognizing their accomplishments supports our industry.

Almag is proud to be a sponsor of the Student ET Foundation International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition and support the contribution of students to extrusion design.

Aluminum extrusions have a broad spectrum of applications and bringing awareness to the countless design options is important to our industry.  We work with dozens of industries that use aluminum extrusion in their most fundamental product design.  From picture frames to lighting to the MedStretch, the 2012 First Place student design, extrusions are everywhere.

Aluminum is recyclable, non-magnetic, non-sparking, a good heat conductor, along with many other features and can be fabricated and finished in any number of ways.  By using some general guidelines for aluminum extrusion design, if you can imagine it, it can be made.

Check out ET Results for 2016 competition winners.

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Go to Professional to view past winners in the Professional Competition.

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