Aluminum Extrusion Design


With over 60 years of experience, we have developed strong problem-solving abilities. By working with a large number of industries we have learned what’s important to each of them and have developed methods to suit their custom aluminum extrusion needs.

Quick industry examples…

The lighting industry reflectors require a smooth surface finish and possibly specific alloy selection; heat sinks for the electronic industry may require high tongue ratios to maximize heat dissipation; tight aluminum extrusion tolerances are often required for profile assemblies or to align with non-extrusion end caps or fittings. Each industry has unique requirements and we have the varied experience to work with them.

Let us Inspire your design


Inspire by Almag Diagram


Aluminum extrusions are just the beginning of what we do. We can supply a host of services from design assistance to customized packaging to make your aluminum extrusion experience smooth!

Multiple profile solutions…

A Customer came to us with a brand new project consisting of 16 unique aluminum extrusions for assembly. In the process of learning more about the project and understanding the needs of the Customer, the proposed profiles were reviewed and the package was redesigned to five profiles. Aluminum extrusion tooling costs were reduced as well as time and money for part installation.

Machined parts…

Customers have come to us with parts that have traditionally been heavily machined. Inquiring about the end use and Customer goals has lead to near-net shapes incorporating design/assembly features reducing machining costs downstream. Aluminum extrusions can be extensively customized to maximize your investment.

Technical Aluminum Extrusion Info:

Aluminum extrusions can be so varied in design that the only way to really determine profile capability is to show us your design. We have extruded some pretty incredible shapes – many of them have been “exceptions” to the guidelines listed below.

Plant Capability Guidelines

  • Press Sizes-Tonnages – 6″-1250 tons,  7″-1800 tons,  8″-2750 tons
  • Hollow Profile Circle Size *(CCD) – 0.250″ to 8.0″
  • Solid Profile Circle Size *(CCD) – 0.125″ minimum to 10″ wide
  • Wall Thickness – <0.020″ minimum, maximum, depends on the shape
  • Profile Weight – 0.020 lb/ft to 10+ lb/ft
  • Tongue Ratio – we’ve extruded profiles with tongue ratios nearing 20:1 for heat sinks and other channel profiles

*(CCD=circumscribing circle size)

For a brief description of the aluminum extrusion process, please click here.

Standard Profiles

We have a selection of standard dies (channels, angles, flat bar, etc.). Please contact your sales rep for more info.

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