3D Prototyping


Extrusion prototypes are made from 100% recyclable ABS plastic. You’ll be able to touch and see your aluminum extrusion profile concept before any investment is made in hard tooling. Do you have an assembly that looks great on paper, but you just don’t know how all the pieces will fit together? 3D prototypes will allow you to put all your pieces together to check for form, fit and function before your aluminum extrusion dies are ordered. It may lead to an adjustment in your design or confirm that you’re bang on!

  • Material is rigid but with enough resiliency to accommodate assemblies without breaking
  • Aluminum extrusion 3D prototypes are accurate to within 0.005″ of nominal drawing dimensions
  • Prototypes are made from 100% recyclable ABS plastic
  • 3D parts can be produced up to 11″ long, multiple parts can be fastened together for longer lengths
  • Samples can be cut, drilled, sanded
  • End caps and other 3D parts can also be produced

Give your sales rep a call to learn more about extrusion prototyping, 1.888.462.5624, or send an email to extrusions@almag.com.