• A.M.

    “We’ve had nothing but a good relationship with Almag. If we have an order that’s a Rush then they always try to meet our requests to the best of their ability. Their staff is very professional and efficient in their jobs…always a pleasure dealing with them.”

  • R.C.

    “Respect and Fairness; I cannot say enough on this caption. The folks at Almag are one of the best I have ever dealt with. Humility; This is a tough one. I believe everyone should have some level of pride! Take pride in what they do, their makeup, their premium for what they bring to the table. So that said Almag’s staff are well positioned. They are not a proud bunch but exhibit pride where necessary. Passion; What a term. Passion drives – if one loses the passion the flame dies. Yes, I have to agree there is a lot of passion for growth and progress. Ownership; Yes I believe the folks take ownership for their mistakes (if any) – accepts responsibility readily, rectifies and carries on!!! All in all I am proud to partner with Almag – “ Whatever it takes” – a very strong statement and I believe they live by it.”

  • Danijela

    “ALMAG always delivers on time whether it's before, during or after the ordering process. ALMAG is a problem-free way to go for aluminum extrusion.”

  • Wilson

    “My experience with Almag has been very pleasant. They have great staff that answer my questions in a prompt matter of time.”

  • Nick

    “Almag = Great service and the best when we need faster than usual delivery! I consider Almag one of my very good suppliers.”

  • Vick

    “As for me, working with Almag has never been an issue. The Senior Management as well as the Customer Service Team has been true to the Company Mandate of “What Ever It Takes”. It truly is a SERVICE focused company with the Customer being the most important element in the equation. Great Folks. Great Value and Great Service.”

  • Fabio

    “Almag continues to be a trusted partner in our Supply Chain. A fine example of matching our absolute needs – engineering and design support, condensed timelines, good pricing structure, a highly functional supply chain, excellent and timely communication. We know we are not a major contributor to Almag’s overall revenue, but the partnership they provide has that intangible feel that they listen, understand and support our business needs the same as they would one of their Top 5 customers. A sincere pleasure to do business with.”

  • Lesley

    “The partnership we have with Almag plays a significant role in our day to day business. I see Almag as a company that is flexible, reliable and easy to work with. They are very good at what they do and I have the utmost confidence in their ability manufacture our products on time and without defect. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

  • Massimo

    “Hats off to Marco and his team at Almag Aluminum who from concept to delivery have always showed a great deal of professionalism and concern for our needs. Their short lead times, innovated ideas and competitive pricing separates them from all the rest.”

  • George

    “I would like to express my appreciation for the many years of exceptional support Shawn Comfort and the Almag team have given me over the years. Your professional expertise and know-how have been instrumental in the successful launch of some of the most complex multi cavity shapes other extruders considered impossible to run - and consistently without a single failure or delay! Indeed, Almag stands by their commitment of “whatever it takes”!”

  • Mehrab

    “My experience in working with Almag is very positive. The staff is very responsive and generally able to turn around request for quotes on a prompt basis. Almag is also quite impressive when it comes to delivering in the right time, in the right place. A lot of our solar projects are time critical, and Almag is always proactive in managing expectations and meeting the critical timelines. We value our business relationship with Almag and look forward to working with them more in the future.

    One of the issues we had, was that we generally have to deliver to project sites in project specific quantities. Almag assisted us in preparing project specific packaging of parts, and delivering direct to project site. The end customer was quite satisfied with the product being packaged in a very safe and secure manner, and being delivered by their own flatbed truck that enabled easy offloading. We extend our thanks to the Almag shipping team, as well as the customer service team for understanding our requirements and delivering based on the requirements.

    Once we had a project that needed delivery in very short time. We communicated the timelines to Almag, and they managed our expectations by not over-promising. However, at the end, Almag delivered a few days ahead of the schedule. This was very helpful for us and the end client to meet the project completion deadline.”

  • Larry

    “We have been in partnership for many years and have found Almag to be responsive to meet our challenging requirements. Their flexibility has assisted us in covering both customers’ short term and long term needs.

    In our market place prompt responses, timely feedback and getting the job done on schedule with a quality product is imperative to maintain and exceed our customers’ expectations. This enables us to be in the forefront of our business.”

  • Fabio

    “Almag for me is one of the best suppliers that I deal with often. They are very understanding and caring; not many like the Almag family takes the time to understand our needs and they go the extra mile to help.

    My experience with Almag has been great and I love dealing with the staff at Almag, most of all with Marco Cardoso and Mandy Russell. They are always there for me when I need assistance when I mess up my own orders.”