• Aluminum Alloy Info


    Aluminum alloys have a range of mechanical properties which are suitable for various applications. The following information outlines the properties of alloys used by ALMAG Aluminum. ALMAG’s Available Aluminum Extrusion Alloys Aluminum Alloy 1050 Good corrosion resistance, weldability, poor machinability, high formability,…

  • Benefits of Aluminum


    Aluminum has a broad spectrum of applications from picture frames to turbine blades and just about everything in between. ALMAG has produced aluminum extrusions used globally in a huge array of applications.  With the versatility of aluminum, there are numerous…

  • Basics of Extrusion


    Aluminum is abundantly found in the Earth’s crust. Alumina is refined from Bauxite, smelted, mixed with other elements and cast into billets or logs. Aluminum alloy composition varies based on the type and the amount of additives made to the…

  • Aluminum Extrusion Industry Links


    Below is a list of aluminum extrusion industry links to help with additional information.  If you have questions or need more specific information, please e-mail us, extrusions@almag.com, or call 1.888.462.5624. Aluminum Aluminum Anodizers Council www.anodizing.org Aluminum Extruders Council www.aec.org The…

  • “ALMAG always delivers on time whether it's before, during or after the ordering process. ALMAG is a problem-free way to go for aluminum extrusion.”

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    — Danijela

  • “The partnership we have with Almag plays a significant role in our day to day business. I see Almag as a company that is flexible, reliable and easy to work with. They are very good at what they do and...”

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    — Lesley

  • “My experience in working with Almag is very positive. The staff is very responsive and generally able to turn around request for quotes on a prompt basis. Almag is also quite impressive when it comes to delivering in the right...”

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    — Mehrab

  • “Respect and Fairness; I cannot say enough on this caption. The folks at Almag are one of the best I have ever dealt with. Humility; This is a tough one. I believe everyone should have some level of pride! Take...”

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    — R.C.