Aluminum Makes Sense


With the Ontario FIT (Feed in Tariff) program, Ontario is a hot-bed of solar activity. 🙂

Aluminum components are often used in the mounting system, often extrusions. We’re happy because it’s extrusion, but overall, aluminum is a great choice.

It’s light-weight; it can be machined, cut to length, drilled, etc. It won’t rust like other materials so it doesn’t require special finishing, saving time and money for the completed component.

Kits can be assembled with screws or other components, or packed in units. Extrusions can be cut to length and drilled or machined, or supplied in long lengths depending on the Customers’ end use or capability.

Extrusion provides flexibility in design and to top it off, it’s 100% recyclable! What a great choice for a renewable energy application! Aluminum makes sense!

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