ALMAG is 60!!


With the intention of working with both aluminum and magnesium, Almag Aluminum and Magnesium Limited was established February 28th, 1953. After years of working only with aluminum and never any volatile magnesium, the name was shortened to Almag Aluminum Ltd.

The original company focus was curling aluminum for decorative aluminum door grilles; the extrusion component beginning in 1959 with the installation of ALMAG’s first extrusion press.

Over the years we have received many “special” requests from our Customers and with a “Whatever It Takes!” attitude ALMAG has been involved in a number side-bars to the aluminum business. In the 1960’s ALMAG extruded a little bit of silver. The billets were so valuable that they were delivered in an armoured truck and the extrusions were cut with an axe instead of a saw so there would be no chips that might not be captured. In the 1970’s zinc, as well as aluminum, was extruded at the Brampton plant… “Whatever It Takes!”

Though it has been years since we’ve extruded anything other than aluminum, we still get requests for out of the ordinary, whether it is seemingly impossible lead times, or special finishes or fabrication, or a profile that has been refused elsewhere, let’s talk.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about our company’s extensive history,, or if you have a special request of your own to consider.



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